Pensacola's premier Tree Services

The pros at Diversified Property Works offer a full range of professional tree services for individual homeowners, businesses, and property management teams in Pensacola and the surrounding areas from Baldwin County to Okaloosa County. We're proud of our reputation for offering high-quality tree removal, stump grinding, and other tree services while providing our customers with exceptional care and affordable prices.

We're fully licensed and insured in Alabama and Florida, we offer hazardous tree removal and crane services, and you can trust our experienced Pensacola tree service professionals to treat your property with the care it deserves. If you hear scraping limbs on your roof, have a tree that's leaning, or are concerned with the condition of the trees on your property, don't wait until it's too late, call Diversified Property Works today at 850-712-2492 for expert tree services for your home, business, or commercial property in the Greater Pensacola area.

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Tree Removal

If you have dying, diseased, or damaged trees on your property, time is of the essence to minimize damage to your home, your family, and even your neighboring properties. A call to Diversified Property Works today can prevent the nightmare of waking up to a large tree limb inside of your home or on your vehicle. No matter how large the tree or how close it is to your property, our skilled professionals have the equipment and expertise to safely remove dangerous and damaged trees to save you the hassle of filing an insurance claim down the road.
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Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming and maintenance of your trees not only helps them look their best, but it also keeps them healthier and stronger over their lifespan. Routine tree trimming also helps to reduce the risk of injury to your home, your vehicles, and your family due to dead limbs falling during our Gulf Coast storms. The Pensacola tree trimming pros at Diversified Property Works provide free quotes for maintaining your trees and improving the safety of your property.
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Tree Thinning

The key to healthy, great-looking trees that thrive is tree thinning. Our experienced tree thinning professionals at Diversified Property Works selectively remove just the right trees, branches, or dead wood to ensure good competition for space in your canopy, promote healthy growth and allow light penetration to the ground. Tree thinning also reduces the sail weight of trees to prevent them from toppling in storms and can be combined with forestry mulching to reduce the spread of wildfire.
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Stump Removal

Diversified Property Works offers a variety of professional stump removal techniques and methods to ensure the complete removal of ugly and dangerous tree stumps of any size and variety. From expert stump grinding to stump excavation to our professional crane operator services to remove oversized stumps, we’ll ensure that leftover tree stumps are removed for good.