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Land Grading & Excavation Services

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DPW, Pensacola’s most trusted tree service company, also offers a full range of professional land clearing, land grading, and excavation services for property owners, construction firms, and general contractors in Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama. We have built a solid reputation for superior service and on-time delivery among both individual and corporate clients.

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Land Grading Services

Successful construction projects of all descriptions require a properly prepared site to avoid issues once the building begins. This process often involves leveling out the surface, also known as land grading. By flattening out the surface of the property, long-term issues like erosion, settling, and improper drainage can be avoided. Whether you’re preparing for new landscaping, adding a new driveway or patio, or building a new home or commercial building, call DPW to ensure the land grading is done right the first time.

Land Clearing Services

Whether you’ve purchased property or own acreage that’s been neglected, clearing the land of unwanted brush, trees and obstacles is the first step to development. With professional land clearing services, contractors, property owners, and architects can get a true sense of the land’s features. Understanding the drainage, identifying problematic soil, and prepping the site for grading all require land clearing. If you need trees, brush, boulders, or any other natural elements removed, call DPW for a free estimate!

Excavation Services

Excavation is the process of moving soil and is often performed to prepare sites for new construction or road projects. Before the foundation is laid, excavation can make sure the site will adequately support the new road or building and ensure that water drains away from the site properly. Diversified Property Works has an experienced team with reliable equipment and machinery, and, most importantly, the proper licenses and insurance to make sure your project proceeds without any issues.

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